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-Managers (World Wide). -Diseñadores (Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc (WW). Fotógrafos (MX). Disquera (Mex, USA, Europe). -Escritores (canciones, libros, bio´s, películas, etc. MX, USA). -Gente que trabaje en PeriodismoRevistasEstaciones de RadioTelecomunicacionesComunicaciones en Gral.InformaticosRelaciones Publicas, etc... (MX). -Patrocinadores para Eventos y producciones musicales (Mex, US). -MaquillistaEstilista - Asesor de imagen. (MX). -Tocas algun Instrumento??? Bandas/Grupos y Solista (Republica Mexicana) 


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Thanks to all the people that helped me since the begining, u made my dream come true, thanks to my family, to my real friends (they know ho), to my enemies thanks with all my heart (if I didn´t have them, I wouldn't have anything to rap about!), thanks to all the people that visited my webpage... And to all the people that think I´m crazy, I AM CRAZY. Thanks to my fans. I want u to know that if somewone needs help, I´ll do what I can.

One thousand of thanks 

I wish see u soon! Visit us sometimes to see the new
things in the web, I have plans of make more music 
and produce some videos.



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